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About semi-dry recording

This article describes the main idea behind the technical approach how Inspired Acoustics virtual pipe organs are recorded.


Acoustics of the PAB organ

What kind of sonic properties does a 38 ton instrument have? The article describes the PAB organ and compares its acoustical properties to the Pusztaszabolcs (PSZ) baroque organ. Frequency range, dynamics, and more.


Interview with Adam Herrick

Adam Herrick (UK) introduces himself and the creation of a series of documents: the Historical Registration for PAB. The documents are available for download.


Melbourne: Gathering

By the generous invitation of Arwen, a gathering of real virtual organists in Melbourne will take place on 17 May 2012.


Esztergom Pipe Organ Samples is shipping

The Esztergom Pipe Organ Samples with the largest cathedral acoustic to date for Hauptwerk is shipping now.


Brisbane: Presentation for the Organ Society of Queensland

On the 4th September 2010, a presentation of IA will be held in the General Meeting of the Organ Society of Queensland.


Follow IA on Twitter

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Organ Simulator at the lobby of Palace of Arts Budapest

The prestigious Palace of Arts Budapest has now an Organ Simulator running a customized version of PAB at the concert hall lobby of Béla Bartók National Concert Hall. The new instrument showcases the real organ.


Tokyo: Hands-on experience @ Open House, The University of Tokyo

During the annual Open House of the University of Tokyo this year (29-30 May 2009), sounds and research related to virtual instruments can be experienced.


Conservatório de Música da Jobra installs PAB

One of the largest Hauptwerk installations so far, music school Conservatório de Música da Jobra in Portugal will be using the Palace of Arts Budapest Pipe Organ Samples (PAB) as its main virtual pipe organ at its 200 seat modern auditorium.