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IA Temperaments Pack

IA Temperaments Pack - containing 50 different organ microtunings in Hauptwerk 3 format including 4 temperaments from J.S. Bach, 8 Werckmeister temperament variants and more. Each pack contains 25 historical microtunings.

PAB MIDI Package

PAB MIDI Package - A complete collection of setup and configuration files in a ZIP file container. It features a preset list in PDF, a Hauptwerk v4 backup file for an easy setup, sequencing utilities and example files, all prepared by Richard Zipf to allow convenient control of PAB Professional, Extended and Gravissimo Editions with all its stops and couplers by MIDI Sequencers and DAWs.

NDB Additional Presets

NDB Pipe Organ Samples — A valuable preset pack for creating keyswitch instruments from Steve Bryson, in Kontakt 2 format.