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Klaus Feldner

I have indeed never ever heard such a great pipe organ sound coming out of my GigaStudio, although I have a lot of CDs of that genre. What you did is unbelievable.

Tamás Vadas

During the digitizing process of the Grand-Orgue of the Church of Our Lady at Kispest I could not have dreamed of such an excellent result that the many-many hours of work and the excellent professional preparedness of the creators yielded. The sound samples offer an exceptional experience, the sounds are rich and detailed and truly authentic

Bálint Karosi

Bálint Karosi

The Notre Dame de Budapest sample collection opens new horizons for pipe organ fans that no other electronic organs of reasonable price managed to do so far. The samples are so perfect that one actually feels as if playing the organ in church

Electronic Musician

Electronic Musician

If you've always wanted an immense pipe organ but couldn't afford it, the new Notre Dame de Budapest Pipe Organ Samples is for you. (...) this (...) GigaStudio library is undoubtedly the most massive compilation of symphonic-organ samples ever.

Virtual Instruments Magazine

Virtual Instruments Magazine

The folks at NDB have created nothing short of a masterpiece. (...) You hear individual pipes coming from distinctive points in the soundstage, combining to give the fullness you want without washing out...a very tricky balance, well achieved. You can lose yourself for hours in the sheer grandeur of the playing experience.