IA Temperaments Pack

IA Temperaments Pack - containing 50 different organ microtunings in Hauptwerk 3 format including 4 temperaments from J.S. Bach, 8 Werckmeister temperament variants and more. Each pack contains 25 historical microtunings.

Temperaments Pack 1 Temperaments Pack 2

Esztergom Trial HW3/4

Esztergom Trial HW5

Heppenheim Trial HW4

Heppenheim Trial HW5

Kolozsvar Trial HW3/4

Kolozsvar Trial HW5

Mannheim Trial HW4

Mannheim Professional Trial HW5

MTH Trial HW4

MTH Professional Trial HW5

Combination converter tool between PAB v1/2 and PAB v3

Manual for IA Combination Converter - English

PAB 3 Trial HW4

PAB 3 Professional Trial HW5

Pusztaszabolcs Trial HW3/4

Pusztaszabolcs Trial HW5

Salgareda Trial HW4

Salgareda Trial HW5

Scorze Trial HW4

Scorze Trial HW5

Scots Trial HW3/4

Scots Trial HW5

Urakami Trial HW4

Urakami Professional Trial HW5

Weinheim Trial HW4

Weinheim Trial HW5