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[Solved] I cannot log in to the website, my password is not accepted.

If you cannot log in to the website and the website displays 'The details you entered did not match our records. Please double-check and try again' this can indicate you might be entering the wrong password, or, that you account was not yet activated.

If you just created an account, you will be sent an activation e-mail to verify it was indeed you who created the account. It might be the case that this activation e-mail has not reached you or went into a spam folder. Please check your e-mails and see if you received an activation e-mail. If you find the activation e-mail, click the link to activate your account and you can sign in from there. Note that before activating your account, the Forgot Password will not work. If you cannot find your activation e-mail and cannot log in, open a support ticket and we will assist.