Duo Symphonia

Inspired Acoustics (IA) is proud to announce the strategic partnership with Roberto Scarpa Meylougan and Giuseppe Iampieri and their Duo Symphonia project. IA is supplying virtual pipe organs for Duo Symphonia's performances. The Duo offers a unique musical experience with their concerts worldwide.

The Organ and Piano duo, which at a first glance does not appear as possible and also almost antithetical, instead reveals a surprising and very pleasant sound combination. The first experiments in this genre were made, in the early 1800s, by Spanish organist M. D. Llorente y Sola and W. Odojewski, critic, writer, philosopher, and Russian musician. However, definite news about the first published work are not yet available. In the twentieth century, the “Prince” Piano and “King” Organ reach the pinnacle of technical development and construction, consequently composers such as C. M. Widor, M. Dupré, J. Langlais, to mention the most known, created true masterpieces for this nonpareil duo. The sound of the two instruments, inextricably linked to one another, are used in a manner that they draw their expressive strength from the wide range of tonal contrasts but at the same time achieving an absolute amalgam. The steady coexistence of two “opposing worlds” makes the repertoire, still little known and performed, very fascinating and enjoyable. It could not be otherwise when two giants in the world of musical instruments come together!

More on the Duo Symphonia at their official website: www.duo-symphonia.org

Roberto Scarpa Meylougan obtained a degree with distinction in pipe organ, harpsichord, composition and pre-polyphonic chant at the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory in Venice under the guidance of Sergio de Pieri and W. van de Pol. Then he specialised in France with J. Guillou, M. Chapuis, J.P. Brosse and G. Litaize. He played as organist and harpsichordist at the main French, Italian and German cathedrals. Since 1978 he frequently holds many concerts throughout Europe. In 1982 and 1983 he was awarded the absolute first prize “Città di Stresa”. In 1985 he received an invitation from Vatican City in order to play an organ concert on the occasion of Pope Giovanni Paolo II’s first visit in Venice. After a year he played at Saint Giovanni end Paolo Church in Rome. Olivier Messiaen and Karl Richter appreciated his particular virtuosic technique using pedalboard and many composers dedicated to him many original works for solo pedalboard. In the meanwhile, from 1992 to 2000 he worked as producer with the main opera theatres in Europe and with some great personalities such as Claudio Abbado, Viekoslav Sutej, Sir Roger Norringthon, to name a few, and with symphonic orchestras: Mahler Chamber orchestra, London Philarmonic Orchestra, Opera of Nizza, Opera de Sevilla, Regio di Parma, Teatro di Torino, and many more. He played as soloist with “I Solisti Veneti” directed by Claudio Scimone. After that, he was invited in Zagreb, where he played F. Poulenc’s “Concert for organ, string and ketteldrum orchestra” with the Zagreb Philarmonic Orchestra directed by Vjekoslav Sutej at Lisinsky Hall. In summer 2006 he recorded as soloist his latest album “Children”. This is a part of a personal project, which aims to revaluate and rediscover the pipe organ as means of aggregation and fun and to spread out new and uncommon repertories for this instrument.

Giuseppe Iampieri (also known as Mistheria in the worldwide Rock/Metal scene) begins his music studies at seven, thanks to his father’s passion and the intuition of the family’s friend and composer/accordionist Maestro Marco Aurelio Pisegna. He graduated, with full marks, special mention and distinction in “Organ and Organ Composition” at Music Conservatory “A. Casella” (L’Aquila/Italy) under the guidance of Prof. Annamaria Polcaro and Maestro Paolo Cerasoli. He also studied “Electronic Composition”, “Musical Informatics” and “Experimental Composition” with Maestros Alessandro Sbordoni and Michelangelo Lupone. He performs his activity as Teacher, Organist, Pianist, Composer, Arranger and Keyboardist in the Classical, Rock and Pop music scene with several and prestigious collaborations and productions with international and Italian artists. Well-known and appreciated Pianist, he recorded on many albums, under his name or as a guest, from the Classical to Rock, from Pop to New Age music to Soundtracks. By now, his discography counts more than 70 albums on his name and for international artists. His Piano album “Solo Piano” (which includes original compositions and well known masterpieces) has been released on 2007 by Videoradio & RAI Trade, the National Italian Television's label. Since many years he works and collaborates with many artists in the Pop Italian music and Theatre scene as pianist, keyboardist, composer and arranger, playing and conducting in Italy, Europe, USA and Asia, also performing in many Italian Radio/TV shows. Specialized in music informatics he carries out from long time courses in Computer-Music, Keyboards and Synthesizers. He worked as demonstrator as well for several music companies such as Yamaha, Roland, V3Sound, CME, Inspired Acoustics.

Upcoming events

20.03.2015 - 10:00pm
Officina del Gusto / concert hall
Via P. Sarpi 18/22, Mestre (VE)
21.03.2015 - 9:00pm
Venezia - Italy
Private concert.
Entrance with invitation only.