PC & Musik.com becomes reseller

Germany-based PC & Musik.com today became a reseller of Inspired Acoustics' Hauptwerk sample sets.

PC & Musik.com, Reseller, Germany

Hauptwerk complete solutions

PC & Musik supplies all the hardware and software necessary for a Hauptwerk complete solution (Computers, Audio/Midi-equipment, Hauptwerk software, sample sets, touchscreens, organ consoles). It´s our goal to deliver “ready to play” Hauptwerk solutions or to help you configure your existing Hauptwerk equipment. Our computers have 8 GB or 16 GB memory on board – enough for the most sample sets.

For all customers who want more, we supply special servers with up to 32 GB of memory. Please inquire for a special offer ([email protected]).

PC&Musik, Uwe Horche, Nelkenweg 12a, D-26409 (Germany), phone +49 4462 923766

PC&Musik delivers into all EU- and EFTA-Countries. Pricing for EFTA-countries is without german VAT. The shipping prices depend on the weight of the parcel and the postal zone. Shipping prices are included in our offers.

Example: A parcel (max. 20kg) from Germany to Austria = 32 €, a parcel (max. 10kg = 22 €).

— up to date as of 7 April 2009, for more information please contact PC&Musik

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