Inspired Acoustics releases Palace of Arts Budapest Pipe Organ Samples

by far the largest virtual symphonic pipe organ with all functions faithfully virtualized

Budapest, Hungary, November 30, 2008 – Inspired Acoustics, a division of Entel Ltd. today announced its latest product Palace of Arts Budapest Pipe Organ Samples (PAB Pipe Organ Samples).
 Palace of Arts Budapest Pipe Organ Samples is a fully playable, freely configurable, intuitively manageable and MIDI-controllable virtual pipe organ, delivering every nuance of the authentic sound of the 92-stop Pécsi-Mühleisen pipe organ of the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall of the Palace of Arts – Budapest, Hungary. It is designed specifically to operate within Milan Digital Audio’s virtual pipe organ software Hauptwerk, on both PC and Macintosh computers.
 As an exact reproduction, the virtual pipe organ has 92 stops, 5 manuals (each with 61 keys), pedalboard (32 keys), 2 sweller pedals, 2 tremulants (tremolos), a freely programmable 61-stage crescendo with different and independent program slots, a custom combination action to store different registrations and many other features.
 "We are in no doubt that PAB heralds a new era in the world of virtual pipe organs" says Entel CEO Dr. Gábor Huszty about the first ever completely virtualized concert hall virtual pipe organ. "The extensive research and development of our engineers, equipment of the highest quality and the countless hours of dedicated work have resulted in something that has not existed before.”
 The entire pipe organ was meticulously sampled using Inspired Acoustics’ proprietary 192 kHz High Definition Sampling (HDS) technology. To accurately reproduce the sound behavior of pipe organ components such as the swellbox enclosure, engineers at Inspired Acoustics developed and utilized Advanced Pipe Organ Measurements (APM), novel acoustic measurement methods purpose-engineered for pipe organs. The virtual pipe organ library is released in 48 kHz format and is by far the largest of its kind with its more than 20,000 individual sound samples totalling 35 GB in size. Uniquely, it is shipping on USB thumb drives to allow faster and smoother installation.
 "We went as far as possible to implement a virtual pipe organ that is convenient to play at a level even professional organists accept. Apart from rigorous sound quality requirements we faced the demand for accurate visual control and keyboard response." says Csaba Huszty, CTO of Inspired Acoustics. "We have worked together with professional concert organists at all stages of the development and as a result, PAB permits a seamless playing experience with many new features that were not available to the Hauptwerk community previously" he added. Of special note are the touchscreen-controllable custom combination action, fully operational photo-realistic perspective console view, multiple user interface pages optimized for different numbers of screens or touch panels and optional organ engine noises that can be turned off, enabling recording professionals to create noiseless recordings.
 Price and availability 
 PAB Pipe Organ Samples Professional Edition is available now in an introductory offer with shipping to start on 18 December 2008. It can be purchased at the Inspired Acoustics website ( at the recommended list price of $899.
 About PAB 
 Palace of Arts Budapest (PAB) Pipe Organ Samples is a fully playable, freely configurable, intuitively manageable and MIDI-controllable virtual pipe organ. With more than 20,000 individual sound samples it captures with complete authenticity every sonic nuance of the 92-stop Pécsi-Mühleisen symphonic pipe organ of the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall, located in the heart of Europe’s renowned cultural center, the Palace of Arts – Budapest. Palace of Arts Budapest Pipe Organ Samples has unique controls identical to the original pipe organ in both operation and appearance and runs within the Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ software, available for both PC and Macintosh computers. Palace of Arts Budapest Pipe Organ Samples sets a new standard in virtual pipe organs for use by leading organists, professional musicians, professors and tutors, educational, worship and culture institutions, recording professionals and enthusiasts.
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 About Hauptwerk and Milan Digital Audio 
 Hauptwerk is widely recognized as the world’s premier virtual pipe organ software. It was developed to accurately simulate all nuances of actual pipe organs including real time wind modeling based on fluid dynamics. Several of the world's greatest pipe organs have been sampled exclusively for Hauptwerk allowing organists everywhere to play these world class instruments in their home, studio or church. Based in Indianapolis, USA, Milan Digital Audio is a professional audio engineering company focusing on classical music and instruments, specifically pipe organ. Since 2001 Milan Digital Audio has created many virtual instrument libraries for Hauptwerk and has recently acquired Hauptwerk from Crumhorn Labs in the UK.
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 About Inspired Acoustics 
 Inspired Acoustics, the professional audio division of Entel Ltd was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing quality professional audio research and development following a philosophy of uniting art and technology. It offers professional audio services, custom development, and produces the Palace of Arts Budapest Pipe Organ Samples. Entel, founded in 1990, is a privately held company offering telecommunications and IT services. It previously developed Shirokuma’s Notre Dame de Budapest Pipe Organ Samples, the market leading pipe organ sample library for GigaStudio and Kontakt.
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