Shirokuma and Post Musicial Instruments announce NDB-PMI Organ Bundle for GigaStudio 3

Shirokuma and Post Musical Instruments announce NDB-PMI Organ Bundle for GigaStudio 3 
Extend your studio with the complete range of pipe organ sound samples

Budapest , Hungary , October 25, 2004  – Shirokuma and Post Musical Instruments (PMI) announced a new partnership and a new bundle of pipe organ sound samples, the NDB-PMI Organ Bundle for GigaStudio 3. The goal of the partnership is to reach the widest audience of musicians with the best pipe organ sounds available. The NDB Pipe Organ Samples  and the PMI Baroque Organ  will be available both as a bundle and as cross grade, while library architects Csaba Huszty and Michiel Post work on furthering the partnerships.

‘Our partnership with PMI helps both of us reach a wide array of musicians.' – said Csaba Huszty,  NDB architect, head of the pro audio division at Shirokuma. ‘Our goal is to help them to have all the best organ sounds possible,' he added.

‘To further increase the value of the bundle, we added even more products. This bundle brings you 4 church organs and church bells.' – added Michiel Post, creative director of Post Musical Instruments. ‘We believe everyone benefits from our cooperation'.

The bundle contains NDB Pipe Organ Samples Full Edition for GigaStudio 3, PMI Baroque Organ Full Edition, PMI Positif Organ and PMI Church Bells for a total value of $644.

Price and availability

The $644-worth NDB-PMI Organ Bundle  can be purchased for a recommended list price of $500 from the PMI website at

Existing users of NDB Pipe Organ Samples can order the PMI products of the bundle at up to 30% discount, while existing PMI customers are eligible for ordering NDB Pipe Organ Samples Full Edition for GigaStudio 3 at 10% discount.

More information and demos of the new bundle at the NDB website ( and at the PMI website (


About NDB

NDB Pipe Organ Samples  is a comprehensive sound sampling library containing original pipe organ sounds from two symphonic organs of two Hungarian cathedrals. The 6 DVD collection contains 3400 samples in more than 23 GB of sounds in 24-bit resolution and features more than 60 stops and combinations together from both organs. Scientific measurements of the acoustical environments of the cathedrals allowed NDB to reach yet unheard level of authenticity.

According to what organists and organ experts say, Notre Dame de Budapest Pipe Organ Samples  is the ultimate pipe organ sampling DVD – the only sample collection, which really contains all important stop combinations of a symphonic organ and offers real, scientifically measured swell box, crescendo and tremolo effects – just like a real pipe organ. More information: .

About PMI Organ libraries

PMI Baroque Organ  is the first organ library with every single stop chromatically sampled as well as the most useful combinations. The library contains 2.8 GB of high quality samples and was designed for easy operation.

PMI Positive Organ  A small Positif Organ with two ranks of pipes, with incredible detail and attention. Every rank is sampled chromatically, with very long samples and separate release samples. All combinations were sampled. Recording quality is 24 bit/48kHz. Organ disposition - Flute 8 - Holpijp 4 - Quint.

PMI Church Bells The programs contain over 30 church bell samples. Some are spread chromatically over the keyboard. Others make a carillon, where one bell can be played over a large keyboard range. Another patch offers great sonic control over the timbre by playing at different velocity levels.

More information:

About Shirokuma

Shirokuma Ltd was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing real, accountable quality within the IT industry. The privately held company specializes on IT consulting and support, custom development and various kinds of IT- and language-related services, including professional translation and localization. While professional audio was not directly in sight when the company was formed, Shirokuma reached international fame with its Notre Dame de Budapest Pipe Organ Samples sound library. More information:

About Post Musical instruments

Amsterdam based company Post Musical Instruments specializes in high quality sampling libraries for Gigasampler, Kontakt, EXS24, HALion and Akai/Kurzweil samplers. The company was founded by sampling specialist Michiel post and started in the 90's producing the amazing collection of church organ samples called Post Organ Toolkit. Other titles include Post Harpsichords, Post Piano Suite, Post Theatre Organs, Post Positive Organ, Post Harpsichords, Post Estonia Concert Grand, Post Virginal and Post Pianoforte, Post Historic Keyboards, PMI Baroque Organ.

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