Shirokuma announces NDB Pipe Organ Samples for GigaStudio 3.0

Shirokuma announces NDB Pipe Organ Samples for GigaStudio 3
"The most massive compilation of symphonic organ samples ever"

Budapest , Hungary , July 5, 2004  – Shirokuma Ltd. annouced today that it will release the new, extended edition of its Notre Dame de Budapest (NDB) Pipe Organ Samples collection together with the release of GigaStudio 3, the latest version of the market-leading PC sampling software of Tascam. The library, grown to more than 20 GB, utilizes the most advanced features of the next-generation GigaStudio.

‘The new edition of NDB is likely to satisfy even the most demanding organists. We've practically recorded all the stops and combinations our users wished for' – said Csaba Huszty,  NDB architect and lead engineer. ‘The new edition will exceed the previous version in just about every detail. The sound samples are now all in 24-bit, 48 kHz format and the library contains well over fifty combinations and stops from the two majestic Hungarian symphonic organs. And it even costs less.'

The new library will come out in two editions: besides the Full Edition, there will be an entry-level Compact Edition for the casual organist. Both editions will also be available in 16-bit format so that GigaStudio 2.x users can benefit from the enhancements of the library, too.

'We truly hope our users can see the tremendous amount of work, the thousands of hours put into this library' – said Szabolcs Varga,  managing director of publisher Shirokuma. ‘We esteem our customers most highly and we give a very special upgrade offer for those who already own the previous version.'

Price and availability


Notre Dame de Budapest Pipe Organ Samples for GigaStudio 3 can already be preordered at the NDB website (* and all major music shops specializing on quality sound samples. The library will be available at once GigaStudio 3 ships. The recommended list price of NDB Full and Compact Editions are €350 ($419) and € 99 ($119), respectively. More information and demos of the new library can be found at the NDB website (

*Due to exclusive distribution agreements covering certain geographical areas, while will accept your preorders, you may be directed to and served by the distributor responsible for your area.


About NDB

According to what organists and organ experts say, Notre Dame de Budapest Pipe Organ Samples is the ultimate pipe organ sampling DVD – the only sample collection, which really contains all important stop combinations of a symphonic organ together with the the natural reverb of the cathedrals. Also, for the first time in the world, the collection offers real swellbox, crescendo and tremolo effects – just like a real pipe organ. More information:

About Shirokuma

Shirokuma Ltd was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing real, accountable quality within the IT industry. The privately held company specializes on IT consulting and support, custom development and various kinds of IT- and language-related services, including professional translation and localization.
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