Shirokuma releases Kontakt 2 version of NDB Pipe Organ Samples

Looped Giga 3 version also released

Musikmesse, Frankfurt, Germany, March 31, 2006 – Shirokuma today announced that the highly acclaimed pipe organ library of the company is now available for the widely popular Kontakt 2 sampler, too. To celebrate the next milestone achieved, Shirokuma offers a special introductory price of $199 for the downloadable version for those who order the library until May 1, 2006.

The Kontakt 2 version of the library is built on the recently finished looped versions of the recorded samples. Naturally, there will be a looped GigaStudio 3 edition as well. ‘As in the past, our goal is to meet the demands of our customers. Lower price, Kontakt 2 and smaller sizes were what we kept hearing for quite some time. NDB now delivers them all.’ – said Szabolcs Varga, managing director of publisher Shirokuma. ‘Plus we added online delivery.’

Current and future owners of the company’s flagship product, the loopless, 6-DVD NDB Pipe Organ Samples will receive the looped samples for free.

‘There has been some debate whether you can or cannot, should or should not loop samples of pipe organs. We decided to give the perfect answer so you can use whichever you want: looped samples for optimized size or the loopless ones for absolute clarity’ – said NDB architect Csaba Huszty.