Pachelbel - Praeludium in G

the Praeludium in G with the blower turned off


PSZ - Velocity sensitivity

a short demo directly captured from Hauptwerk's output with velocity  sensitive pipe and tracker sounds; note the difference of the noises of  the keys too


Scarlatti - Sonata in D Major L164

Joseph Felice's transcription for organ of Scarlatti's very famous D Major Clavier Sonata.


Frescobaldi - Hymn 'Iste Confessor'

Frescobaldi's Hymn 'Iste Confessor' with blower and tracker sounds


Handel - Organ Concerto Opus 7 No. 10

The last movement, performed by Joseph Felice with a modern cadenza, on the Pazicky virtual organ of Pusztaszabolcs

Zipoli - Fughetta in C

Zipoli's Fughetta in C with the blower noise turned off


Zachau - Herzlich tut mich verlangen (live imitation)

this piece start with turning on the organ and selecting some stops  for about 25 seconds then the piece comes with the loudest possible  tracker action key sounds and then the stops and the organ is turned off  again


Pachelbel - Magnificat - verset 1

performed by Eric Dalest

Pachelbel - Magnificat - verset 2

performed by Eric Dalest

Pachelbel - Magnificat - verset 3

performed by Eric Dalest

Pachelbel - Magnificat - verset 4

performed by Eric Dalest

J.S. Bach's Concerto in A Minor (BWV 593)

performed live by Joseph Felice


J. S. Bach - Fugue in C Minor

performed by Joseph Felice


F. Peeters: Monastic Peace

Performed by Paul Carmona


Roompack Extension - Piano

1. Dry sound
2. Stone Room, Supersize Recording Studio
3. Riding Hall
4. Control Room A, Supersize Recording Studio
5. Small Indoor Pool
6. Old University Lobby
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